PLP-R/W Programme for P.1

PLP-R/W is a 3-year programme designed by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section from the EDB. The purpose of the programme is to develop students’ four language skills with a focus on reading and writing. Students are introduced to a wide range of text types. We implemented the PLP-R/W programme in 2012. In P.1, our focus is to arouse students’ interest in learning English. Therefore, we spend a lot of time building a strong phonics foundation with them so as to develop their language skills. We encourage students to spend their English learning in a fun and enjoyable way.

Audio Recordings of P.1

Small Books and Letter Books (Sets 1-6)


PLP-R/W Programme for P.2

Our programme expanded to P.2 in 2013. Students get more familiar with the teaching style of the lessons as they have got the learning experiences from P.1. We focus on strengthening their reading skills and building up their confidence. More challenging work is supplied for them. Students start to have Guided Reading, where they are grouped according to their learning diversity and read books with the NET or the LET at their instructional level. They also acquire more individual writing through well-designed activities.

Audio Recordings of P.2

Small Books and Letter Books (Sets 7-12)


PLP-R/W Programme for P.3

We focus on encouraging more independent reading and collaborative learning in P.3. Students learn to work both individually and in small groups. They build on and consolidate the learning from the reading sessions. Guided Writing is introduced in P.3. They learn to apply the taught vocabulary and language structures in their writing, in meaningful contexts. They will then write in whole sentences and thus develop independent writing skills.

Audio Recordings of P.3

Small Books and Letter Books (Sets 13-18)